Alchemix Museix is the creation of Patrick J. Brown. Patrick is a musician, composer, and music educator living in Maui, Hawaii.
Patrick’s vision is to create and share the experience of music as enjoyment, expression, and healing; with the world community.
"The music we create is often shaped by our diverse life experiences, and yet music also influences our very experience of life. Music is a language of feeling, both physical and emotional. Memories, dreams, and even completely new experiences are available to us through music. Music is a means of communication, and is therefore a powerful tool in bringing about new understandings between the diverse cultures of the world. Music, in and of itself, may not bring about world peace, but communication between the peoples of our planet; the truth of being as seen by so many perspectives, can.

I hope my music will convey a positive experience to others, and together make a difference in this world.

"May we all  have happiness!"