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Patrick J Brown - Piano Compositions
CD - 14 tracks, 64 minutes total time.

A collection of piano compositions.

Peace of mind helps promote peace around us.
May we  all have peace in our lives.

Patrick J Brown - Composition
CD - 1 track, 60 minutes total time

Originally inspired and created for breathwork, Patrick has created a musical work that takes the listener through a full hour of unbroken musical support. Slow phrases help to set the pace for deeper breathing. Harmonic tension and release moves Cycle of Spheres through all 12 major musical keys. At several key-centers throughout the piece a release in the body is often felt.  I playfully refer to these as "sigh-keys". Melodic yet not distracting, the music allows for deepening levels of relaxation.
The music does not intrude, yet sustains a peaceful, harmonic, and unbroken atmosphere for one full hour.
Relaxing to music that does not demand attention, yet feels good, facilitates a healing experience . Great for unwinding after a stressful day, or as a lullaby for children of all ages.

Since its beginings Cycle of Spheres has become a favorite among local Massage Therapists, and Yogis. Health care professionals, healers, yoga instructors and meditation practitioners will find that their work is enhanced by the pace and duration of the Cycle of Spheres.

"It's not just about the music...
it's about the space it creates."

Download and enjoy now!.
Patrick J Brown - Electronica
Instrumental versions of rhythmic and ambient music created by Patrick Brown to inspire movement and meditation. Each piece takes the listener on a journey through the realms of thought and feeling. Sometimes relaxing sometimes invigorating to explore both stillness and movement. 
CD - 13 tracks, 58 minutes total time.